Paid Attention to Every Detail

Tiffany did an amazing job for our wedding. She walked us through the entire process for almost a year, and always remained kind, thoughtful, and patient. I'm not the easiest person to deal with so patience is important. We commend her for never losing her cool. Tiffany was professional and punctual and always kept her promises.
She paid attention to every detail, from finding a DJ and musicians to physically redoing the table numbers herself when I did not like them after receiving them from the vendor. She kept copies of all the contracts and stayed in constant communication with vendors and service providers so I could focus on other things and get ready for my big day. Tiffany used a detailed timeline to keep things on track and made sure that I was well-informed about how things were progressing. She made her role clear and did her job, and made sure I did what I needed to do (like apply for a marriage license!). Tiffany was there when I needed her - to see venues, to meet with caterers, to talk about favors and seating arrangements, to help me make decisions, among other things. 
On the day of, Tiffany made sure everything was taken care of and in perfect order. She handled it all! When I forgot money for the florist, she handled it. When the caterers didn't know what to do with the sparkling wine, she handled it. When a bridesmaid's dress was out of place, she handled it. I was in very good hands on my wedding day and was able to enjoy and live in the moment. She made sure that everyone (bridal party, guests, and vendors) was taken care of.
Last but not least, we started on time and ended right on time. Thanks to Tiffany's excellent planning and coordination, there was time to get everything done and actually leave the venue 30 minutes earlier than the contract ended. She was also available days after the wedding to wrap things up and answer my questions.
I really cannot thank her enough and know that she will plan many a beautiful wedding to come.
~ Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Gay

Thanks for Making My Party Great

I’m pretty tired this a.m. and didn’t do much yesterday, so I can imagine how you and your team are feeling!! You all did an amazing job! Your attention to detail and professionalism was far beyond what I expected. I woke up to a clean house and a LOT of wine gifts and other goodies. Thankfully, my new carpet and furniture “survived” the crowd. Thanks SO much for everything. You were amazing, did all the clean-up, and the food was awesome. You're the best! 
~ Prof. Rosemary Rys

How Did She Do It?

Tiffany did a great job! She only had 3 weeks to plan our wedding and we are still wondering how she did it! When our wedding grew from an initimate ceremony to a full fledged wedding, we knew that we needed to hire someone to help us. Tiffany was that person. She handled everything from the wedding design to the rehearsal to every detail of our wedding day. She worked efficiently, was always patient and our wedding day was perfect!
-Mr. & Mrs. John Estrada